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Image by Carles Rabada

​The Interfaith Coalition for Justice In our Jails (ICJJ), a table of Faith in Action East Bay, is dedicated to bringing members of diverse faith communities together to achieve transformative change within the Alameda County justice system.

ICJJ seeks to reduce incarceration as a response to social problems in Alameda County. We bring diverse faith communities and individuals together to achieve transformative change within the Alameda County criminal legal system.


We work to change abusive and dangerous conditions in the jail. Our county jail must be safe, humane, and supportive of successful reentry.


We support alternatives to incarceration, focusing on people with mental health and substance abuse issues who are in need of treatment and/or housing. We work with the District Attorney and the courts to minimize incarceration and increase the opportunities for diversion.


The punitive criminal legal system causes immense damage to thousands of families each year - especially in Alameda County’s Black and Brown communities. Incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people must be treated with respect and provided access to programs that heal trauma and addiction, opportunities to rebuild their lives, and affordable housing where needed.


We ask members of the faith community to join with us to hold the Sheriff and the Board of Supervisors accountable for conditions and deaths in Alameda County Jail. Join with our members and allies as we work together to reimagine justice! 

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