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The Interfaith Coalition for Justice in our Jails grew out of the Live Free table of Faith in Action East Bay (FIAEB) The Live Free Table wrote a report titled

What’s Up With Our Jails? 


In 2019, encouraged by formerly incarcerated advocates, we began a campaign among 11 congregations to advocate for Medi-Cal reinstatement for those whose insurance is suspended or terminated

while they are in jail.

We formed the Interfaith Coalition for Justice in our Jails to expand our membership and our voice

in pursuit of that goal.


We seek to hold the Alameda County Sheriff's Office and the Board of Supervisors accountable

for conditions in the jail.


Today the table of FIAEB has about 40 congregations and 15 schools as members - all of which share

a passion for racial justice and economic equity.


ICJJ is proud to be an independent table of FIAEB. 



About US

As People of Faith...

"My faith commands action to relieve suffering and end unjust imprisonment.  Incarceration of people challenged by homelessness, mental illness, or substance use disorder is unjust and oppressive. 


It offends my conscience that the burdens of unaffordable housing, inadequate behavioral health care, and over-incarceration fall most heavily on People of Color.  As a Jew and daughter of immigrants, I cannot stand idly by. "  



Myrna Schwartz, Kehilla Synagogue

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