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U.S. Department of Justice Report of Santa Rita Jail

Letter Written by ICJJ Members Richard Speiglman, Myrna Schwartz, and Bob Britton

Alameda County jail lawsuit alleges

bad conditions for inmates with

mental illness

by Angela Ruggiero
December 21, 2018; updated December 24, 2018

Alameda sheriff releases video of inmate’s death in extreme-restraint device

by Megan Cassidy

October 2, 2019

Alameda Co. Sheriff faces state audit over jail conditions, spending

by Simone Aponte

and Lisa Fernandez
February 27, 2020

Man, 58, killed by cellmate at

Santa Rita Jail;

48th in-custody death since 2014

by Lisa Fernandez
November 25, 2020

The Most Dangerous Place in Alameda County.  A "barbaric" litany of horrors from Santa Rita,

"the best big jail in the nation."

by Scott Morris

May 7, 2019

Inmate deaths, Accounts of abuse

at santa rita jail

by KQED News Staff

May 11, 2019

Santa Rita Jail prisoners stage hunger strike and work stoppage to protest filthy conditions, price gouging and abuse

by Yolanda Huang & Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee
October 30, 2019

Jail Inmates Worked for a $16 Billion Company Without Pay. Now They Want Their Wages.

by Madison Pauly
January 6, 2020

Federal Class Action Over Alameda County Jail Conditions

for Persons with Mental Illness

by Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld LLP
April 22, 2020

Incarcerated Narratives from Santa Rita Jail Detail Horrifying Conditions During COVID-19 Pandemic

by Linh Nguyen; posted

by Aparna Komarla

October 9, 2020

Payouts for killings and injuries plummet for Bay Area police departments undergoing reforms

by Evan Sernoffsky 
and Lisa Fernandez
December 30, 2020

They Called for Help. They’d Always Regret It.

By Sarah Shourd 

January 30, 2021

Guest Commentary: Another Suicide at Santa Rita Jail Sparks Cry for Sheriff Oversight in Alameda County

by ICJJ Member

Bob Britton
April 21, 2021

by ICJJ Member 
Micky Duxbury
September 16, 2021

Opinion: Alameda county deserves better than
sheriff ahern

by ICJJ Members 
Micky Duxbury, Myrna Schwartz, and Richard Speiglman
September 28, 2021

op-eds: Improve conditions in jail, expand treatment
in community

by Sawan Garde, intern for Urban Strategies Council
January, 2022

Unrecognized and Underutilized potential: The Behavioral court of Alameda county

by Lisa Fernandez, KTVU Channel 2
May 24, 2022

58 people have died at Santa Rita Jail since 2014; interfaith group demands change

Clergy and Community protest deaths in the Jail

May 24, 2022

Interfaith group demands change to stem deaths at Santa Rita Jail

by Sunni Khalid, KALW
May 25, 2022

by Bob Britton, East Bay Times
May 26, 2022

hold sheriff accountable for deaths in his jail

by Natalie Hanson
June 17, 2022

Oakland police approach end of federal oversight, local organizations urge diligence to prevent corruption

47 Alameda deputies stripped of guns for past failed psych tests

by Associated Press
September 26, 2022

Sheriff's office needs independent Oversight

by Bob Britton
September 29, 2022

AG Should Investigate Alameda County Sheriff Deputy Hires

by  Rev. George C.L. Cummings and Bob Britton
October 14, 2022

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