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Image by Alex Radelich
Our Campaigns

Religious leaders at the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to request restoration of Medi-Cal benefits before people leave the jail (October 2019)

Medi-Cal Enrollment Workgroup

Every year nearly 25,000 people are released from Alameda County Jail with no health insurance. Since 2019, we have advocated to have Medi-Cal benefits, which are often terminated during incarceration, reinstated at the time of release. Our current mission is to ensure that everyone eligible is offered Medi-Cal enrollment when leaving custody.  


If you are interested in taking part in this campaign, contact Nancy Taylor:

District Attorney & Diversion

We work to curtail the flow of people into Santa Rita Jail by advocating for alternatives to incarceration, including reforming policies and practices in the District Attorney’s office, and other judicial offices. Our focus is on pre-trial release and diversion.


Our goals for 2023/2024 are:

1) To support the availability of pre-trial diversion and support services that currently exist, and identify the diversion support services which are missing and needed.

2) To sponsor a county-wide town hall with Alameda County residents to highlight new policies and practices being implemented in the Office of the Alameda County District Attorney.

Resource: Questions and Answers About the Work of the Alameda County District Attorney

If interested in joining this campaign, contact
Merle Lustig: or
Jean Moses:

The DA and Diversion campaign is focused on increasing the opportunities for diversion including the capacity of Behavioral Health Courts. The banner of one of our allies: Families Advocating for the Seriously Mentally Ill (FASMI) 

Religious leaders read the names of all who have died in Santa Rita Jail since 2014. Rabbi Dev Noily speaking, representing Kehilla Community Synagogue, with Rev. Laurie Manning, Skyline Community Church, UCC (left).

The Stop Deaths in the Jail group is an outgrowth of ICJJ’s successful May 2022 demonstration outside the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. Over 150 people attended the vigil. Faith leaders read the names of the 68 people who had died in Santa Rita Jail. We joined with FASMI, Families Advocating for the Seriously Mentally Ill, to create headstones for every person that had died. 


Goals for 2023/2024: 

Advocate for policies and procedures to prevent deaths

Educate the public about preventable deaths in the jail 

Alert the media with each new death


You do not have to be a member of ICJJ to attend the Stop Deaths meetings. If interested, contact Micky Duxbury: 

Reverand Michael Wallace, Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, speaking at the May 2022 Rally to Stop Deaths in the Jail. Photo on the altar is of Norma Nelson and her brother Donald Nelson who had a serious mental illness and was murdered while in his cell at Santa Rita Jail. 

Stop Deaths in the Jail

Care First Community Coalition

ICJJ is a member organization of the Care First Community Coalition (CFCC), which advocates for community-based wellness and promotes alternatives to jail for people with mental illness and substance use disorders. We advocate for funds being diverted from the jail to community treatment and housing.  


If you are interested in being involved with ICJJ and the Care First Community Coalition, contact Myrna Schwartz:

Care First Community Coalition June 2023 Demonstration at the Board of Supervisors.

Care First Community Coalition demonstration in front of Santa Rita Jail April 2023.

Media Development Campaign

The media group works to advance ICJJ goals by promoting the publication of accurate news, analysis and opinion. We connect with journalists and provide them with important news items and source information. 

Contact: Liz Katz,

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